Store your candles in a cool, dry and dark space. Keep candles out of sunlight or other places where they may heat up such as by a stove. This will keep them from melting unintentionally. Store tapered or dinner candles flat to help prevent them from warping so that you can use them longer.

Wick trimming??

Trim the wick to ¼ inch before burning your candle. This will help produce the ideal flame that will burn your candle the most efficiently. The flame should have a steady tear-drop shape and it shouldn’t flicker or smoke erratically. Blow it out, let it cool and trim the wick if the flame gets out of control. Try to trim your wick every two hours – this will give you the longest usage time out of your candles.

Cool Them??

Place your candles in your freezer before burning them. This is only a short term solution, most useful for the hotter months, because the candles will heat up quickly. This is a good way to slow the burn on candles you use for dinner light or other short applications. Wrap the candle in foil to keep the wick from getting moist.

Keep Candles away from winds and drafts??

Keep candles away from draughty areas. Drafts can cause candles to burn unevenly which WILL affect the life of your candle. Oxygen is fire’s best friend, remember!

How to retain candles scent??

Put scented candles that do not have a jar into sealed containers to help retain the fragrance.

How to Recycle your wax??

Recycle leftover wax in jar candles by scraping it into the bottom and placing a new wick in the wax or removing the waxing and placing it in another container with other leftover wax.

Ideas for Tea Lights??

Remove tea light candles from their metal holders and slightly press the bottom to make an area where the wax can pool instead of it being flat. This will help you burn all the wax from a tea light.

Purchase a Candle warmer??

Buy a candle warmer and place your candles on it instead of burning them. This is good for scented jar candles so that you can enjoy the fragrance without the smoke and the candle will last longer.